CHALLENGE 2013: This was a non happening but will be part of my next years work as I work thru the year

CHALLENGE 2012 : Each month I will choose a picture from last years challenge and create a fibre art interpretation of it or piece of it using at least one new technique each time.

CHALLENGE: 2011: 365 days in picture.

Saturday, March 9, 2013


After much thought and deliberation I have realized that my challenge of 'buildings' is not going to work.  There are not many buildings (around my home town) that do not have much going on in front of them ....... trees, people, cars, traffic lights to name a few. Added is the frustration of not being able to get a good enough picture because of space restraints, angles etc.


These two pics are perfect examples of focal subject matters that I can create into a 2D format.

A good sign post !
.......a good statue ......
 so back to my pictures and trips around town to hunt out more subject matter.