CHALLENGE 2013: This was a non happening but will be part of my next years work as I work thru the year

CHALLENGE 2012 : Each month I will choose a picture from last years challenge and create a fibre art interpretation of it or piece of it using at least one new technique each time.

CHALLENGE: 2011: 365 days in picture.

Thursday, May 31, 2012

May finished

Well, it was all kept a secret but not intentionally ..... May has been hectic but I have made the deadline. As you will see I opted for the bulrushes and the truth is it all came together over the last 24 hours.... hence not previous postings.

Background dye cloth and the leaves in the top left hand corner added with an ear bud. The foliage is made up of paint straight onto the background; fabric and painted lutradur.  The bulrushes are made out of a bamboo stick covered with batting and then some woolly white 'stuff' I had on a cone that worked perfectly - coloured it with Shiva sticks.  I have added more leaves as the bulrushes are quite chunky and I felt it needed it for balance.  Quite pleased!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

May possibilities

........ a simple feather

........ farm signs on a dusty road

......... bullrushes

Posting them here I now have a different take on the one it will be.  I was keen on the farm signs but I think I am now leaning towards the bullrushes ..... as simplistic as it is it has more focus.   Could always do the other another time.  Hmmmmmm!