CHALLENGE 2013: This was a non happening but will be part of my next years work as I work thru the year

CHALLENGE 2012 : Each month I will choose a picture from last years challenge and create a fibre art interpretation of it or piece of it using at least one new technique each time.

CHALLENGE: 2011: 365 days in picture.

Thursday, November 22, 2012


Well it ended up the moth/butterfly and I used photo transfer and then free motion embroidery over the butterfly (I will call it).

I am still having problems with stretching and puckering and need to really concentrate on that.  Very noticeable on the top right part of wing.  As it is still not mounted I may get away with it with putting backing between the work and the frame.  Really enjoyed this technique again. 

Update:  I pinned and stretched on a board and managed to flatten most of the puckers down to just creases and it is now mounted.  The picture is now of the finished and mounted work.

Friday, November 2, 2012

November Possibilities

Wow, this is a hard month to choose from.  It seems to be harder finding something that jumps out at me, but, here are my choices ..........

I like the composition of this one but I have done a mushroom .......

I do like the unusual colouring and 'flower' but not quite sure how I would put this together as it is quite detailed at the base......

This one probably speaks to me the most and I would probably do photo transfer and machine embroidery on the butterfly.......

I like the crisp colours and the simplicity............


Here is the finished piece ..... am I happy, relatively.  I learnt a lot.  You need thousand of beads and lots of practice.  I also had to learn it will always look like a heavily beaded piece. Would I do another .... probably as it was fascinating sitting quietly and working with the beads into the fabric.

This is as finished as it will be for the present as I will now embellish and finish it off using beads. 

This is the technique perfected by Thom Atkins (bought his book the other day Beading Artistry for Quilts) and the technique I want to use to finish this piece. It will take some time to source the correct colour and size beads so will take some time to finish.