CHALLENGE 2013: This was a non happening but will be part of my next years work as I work thru the year

CHALLENGE 2012 : Each month I will choose a picture from last years challenge and create a fibre art interpretation of it or piece of it using at least one new technique each time.

CHALLENGE: 2011: 365 days in picture.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Muddling around

I have had a lot of interruptions and deadlines which have meant that the sewing machine is collecting dust at the moment.  My fingers and hands have been busy though.  These are felt cut outs that are going to be packaged and sold at out local quilt show at the end of the month.  They can be used to embellish book covers (one of the workshops I am doing)/ shopping bags (I have shown a pic before) or used for whatever you would like.

Otherwise at night I have been playing around with some crochet.  Amongst the teapot cosy and mug warmer is a pom-pom  beanie, a bit of fun.

These patterns are courtesy of the Simply Crochet Magazine, Issue Eleven which I purchased over the weekend. 

I also came across this pattern called the 'Catherine wheel stitch' which I fell in love with. The only 'wool' I had was some tapestry wool from somewhere so I have played around with it and hopefully it will end up long enough to turn into a cowl.  I love the effect and would like to do a blanket once I have finished the one I am working on at the moment. 

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